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  • 25 Jan. 2015:

Event Galleries has been added to include Slideshows of the past, present and future event, visit our: Event Galleries.

  • 30 Dec. 2014:

Numerous updates to the Members and Officers Pages and throughout the site.

  • 20 Aug. 2014:

Pictures from Tall Ships 2014 in San Pedro added to the Event Galleries Page.

  • 19 Mar 2014:

A widely used SEACHOICE LED navigation light is illegal.  See the Safety Page for info. Counterfeit Fire Extinguishers and Bow Riding warnings issued by USCG on Safety page.
Boating Education Classes updated on the Classes Page.
Paddleboards are now classified as vessels.  See info on the Safety Page.
New Recruitment Video on the Joining Page.
Auxiliary Test Prep Site added to Members Page.
Old and obsolete items removed from site and this What’s New Page.
Additions, new mandated courses, updates and changes in the Members section.
Links to our new Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages added to the Blog Page.

  • 18 Aug. 2013:

The NEW AuxMan (and a synopsis of the changes) is now available on the Members Page.

  • 18 Jun. 2013:

TeleCommunications Operator PQS, Mentors Docs, and Files added to Members Page.

  • 01Aug2012:

USCG Issues Important Alert About VHF Radios with DSC on Safety Page.

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